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Exquisite Dishes

It’s proprietor. Alessandro Stanziani, offers his customers the opportunity of tasting Mediterranean cuisine prepared with special care and wisdom.

Dishes such as shrimps salad with tomatoes and arugula, carpaccio with mushrooms, black truffle and sliced parmisancheese or porcini mushrooms, salad with celery and sliced parmisan cheese, are just some of the many antipasti that Alessandro Stanziani is able to suggest to delight his guests; from the wide array of first courses one might select such dishes as risotto with porcini mushrooms or spaghetti with cuttlefish in ink sauce, and among the many outstanding main courses there is baked salted seabass, baked crownfish with potatoes or grilled fish of Adriatic sea, one can round off the meal with such desserts as crepes flambè in orange sauce and wildberries flambè with vanilla ice cream.


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